Sep2Max Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sep2Max work?

Sep2Max loosens and aerates the soils in the leach field which increases the percolation of the waste water in the soil. Sep2Max will restore a sluggish system.

How long does it take to work?

In most cases, Sep2Max will begin to increase the drainage in the leach field within 24-48 hours.

How do I add Sep2Max?

Simply pour into any drain leading into the septic tank system. If you have access to the distribution box, you can add it there.

How much Sep2Max do I need for my system?

Most users need only to use one bottle of Sep2Max. In some cases such as a sluggish or poor performing drain field, we recommend two bottles.

How often will I need to add Sep2Max?

The vast majority of users need only one treatment every six months. If more is needed, simply add another bottle.

Can I add too much Sep2Max?

No. Sep2Max does not cause any adverse effects.

Does Sep2Max harm or kill the anaerobic bacteria and/or enzymes in the septic tank?

No. There is no harmful effects to the anaerobic bacteria or enzymes.

What about the aerobic bacteria in the leach field?

Sep2Max will stimulate the aerobic bacteria by increasing the exchange of air into the leach field. This allows more oxygen to enter into the soil, therefore creating a favorable environment for the aerobic bacteria in the soil.

Should I apply Sep2Max when the leach field has standing water due to low percolation?

Absolutely. First we recommend applying Sep2Max with a sprayer (hose end or tank) directly on the entire leach field. Simply mix Sep2Max at 6 oz per gallon solution and cover the entire leach field. Repeat as many times as needed. It will not hurt the grass or plants. In addition to this, add a bottle of Sep2Max into any drain leading into the septic tank.

Caution: Do not use with septic systems with clay tile laterals!

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