Turf2Max Research Information

All Star Complex Test Project
Arrowhead Sports Complex Test Project
Effect of Turf2Max on the Release of Sodium and Total Salts Final Report
Soil Compaction Test
SuperSoil Jeff Rule Testing
USDA Particle Distribution Test
Vegetable Germination & Yield Test Project
ISTRC Particle Analysis
ISTRC Physical Evaluation

Below are the photos from the ISTRC tests. The first one is before application and the second after. Note the difference between moisture levels and root depth.

Core sample taken before Turf2Max application

Core Sample After Turf2Max Application

Note: In reference to the "Soil Infiltration and Percolation Test", SuperSoil was named as the tested product. SuperSoil is identical to Turf2Max. SuperSoil is distributed to commercial markets only.