Soil Restoration Technologies

Mission Statement

Soil Restoration Technologies develops partnerships with organizations having an environmental interest to remediate, reclaim, and to increase the productivity of topsoil.

What we do

Soil Restoration Technologies (SRT) is a research based company that manufactures three innovative soil amendments. The first product, Turf2Max, is an organic liquid mixture that loosens and aerates compacted soils. The second product, Sep2Max is designed to optimize the percolation of septic system drain fields that are sluggish or have backup problems. The third product is designed to remediate brine spills such as oil producing sites. This product is customized to be site specific.

SRT has achieved a major technical break-thru with all three products. Turf2Max has proven to achieve results in topsoil reclamation never before experienced. The ability of Turf2Max to restore soils to high productivity resulting in a picture perfect landscape and the numerous associated benefits clearly sets Turf2Max in a class of its own.

Sep2Max restores sluggish septic systems to optimal performance by increasing the percolation in the drain field. Sep2Max has achieved results that no other septic tank additive can do.

Marketing Strategy

Soil Restoration Technologies distributes Turf2Max through three separate channels.

First, we market Turf2Max online through this website. The customers are able to purchase in the following sizes: Quart; Half-Gallon; Gallon; 2.5 Gallons; and 5 Gallons. We also sell to and/or provide custom applications to sports fields, schools, and other landowners including ecological restoration, soil remediation and agriculture.

The second marketing channel involves distributing Turf2Max also known as
Soil Tech. This company, Soil Technologies works with the commercial market that includes lawn care, golf courses and soil remediation.

The third marketing channel involves distributing Turf2Max to Outside Pride LLC. This firm blends Turf2Max with an organic de-thatcher and a humic acid based soil conditioner which is sold as LazyMan™ Liquid Gold. This 3-in-1 spray-on liquid application aerates, de-thatches, and conditions your turf and soil. also offers LazyMan Soil Doctor which includes: Turf2Max, organic de-thatcher, humic acid based soil conditioner, and 10-3-6 liquid fertilizer which is used for monthly lawn maintenance.

Our Background

Soil Restoration Technologies is a direct outgrowth of previous experience. Bob Richardson was associated with a previous company as a technical partner. The company, Alliance of Growing Technologies developed new technology that was engaged in forming remediation partnerships to improve our environment. The primary focus was the reclamation and re-vegetation of mine lands.

Bob (Left end of second row) was selected in 2002 to lead the Resource Management team of Biological Technicians and the Montana Conservation Corp at Grand Teton National Park.

Ecological Restoration Team

Several ecological restoration projects were planned and implemented during the year. Bob also assisted with the Snake River Wetland project that was later featured in Land and Water Magazine.

Martin Houston, the other partner heads up the production facilities for SRT. His extensive background in the oil industry brings over 20 years of critical production and business experience. His ability to streamline production and maintain excellent quality control has been vital to our success.

This partnership has formed a rock solid foundation for success with SRT.

You may contact us by the following methods:

Soil Restoration Technologies
P.O. Box 638
Bixby, OK 74008

Phone: (918) 449-1175
Fax: (918) 449-1176