Lawn Aerator Shoes - Are You Kidding?

When I first learned about such a thing as lawn aerator shoes, I thought, you are kidding? The spikes simply are not long enough to penetrate deep into the soil nor are the holes large enough to allow oxygen to penetrate into the root zone.

Pushing spikes into compacted soil will aggravate the problem even more. Why? Because you are adding more compression thus packing it down. Thus you are compacting the soil you are supposed to be aerating.

I suppose if used them to walk on a surface to loosen it before planting seed, that could be benefical. But there are many better ways to aerate your soil.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, mechanical aeration of any kind does not remedy the underlying problem of why the soil is compacted. Unless you address this issue, any short term term remedy will be just that: short term.

Do you want to aerate you lawn, garden, and flower beds?

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